Prison Architect’s Escape Mode DLC out now on PS4


Over on the Playstation Blog Tom Pedalino, a Game Designer for Prison Architect, announced the new Escape Mode DLC being released today! In Escape mode you “Take on the role of an inmate and try to escape by forming a crew, bribing guards and developing your skills to execute a masterful escape plan. You can try to escape your own prison, or try your luck at one of the thousands of community-made maps ready to download from World of Wardens.”

They didn’t just lift the mode from PC but went back and reworked the “needs” system along with Skills system and mission. You can take on the role of a crime boss to gain XP quicker through a risk reward system to help you escape faster. In addition to system changes they also add 27 new snapshots, 6 different endings and 13 new trophies.

You can read the whole blog post here

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