Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Is Coming To The PS4 And Nintendo Switch!

Today at the Tokyo Game Show Sony announced that the fan-favorite, mainline Final Fantasy spin off – Crystal Chronicles – was getting a fully remastered release on its platform.

For a few moments there, grumpier gamers took to twitter to decry “Why not Switch?”

Luckily, their fears were satiated when merely an hour or so later, Nintendo promptly pointed out that they were getting the “practically made for their console” title too!

Crystal Chronicles was originally released back in 2003 for Gamecube in Japan, with a western release that followed.

Echoing history, there has not been an official “western version” announcement yet, however if Nintendo and Sony like the idea of printing money – we’re sure it’s not too far behind.

Check the complete remastered trailer above and let us know your thoughts!

Published by

Tom Miles

The English half of Level 2 Gamers. Horror, JRPG and VR fan. Overwatch addict.

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