Grunt 1914 | Indie Game Showcase | PC

Welcome to the Indie Showcase for Grunt 1914

Grunt 1914 is being developed by Johanne Nienaber and has been a passion project for him over the last 3 or so years.

Developers like Johanne put so much work into creating their projects, we felt that sharing some of his work was the least we could do.


The top video contains the IndieGoGo campaign video, some feature videos and some gameplay videos all rolled into one.

Please check it out if you have a moment, and consider supporting Johanne on the IndieGoGo link listed below, or simply sharing with friends who might be interested.


About the game:

Grunt1914 is a first person shooter multiplayer game currently in development. The title features a World War 1 theme.

With a focus on mixing arcade shooter gameplay and military realism, but mostly just being hella fun.


You can learn much more about the game and its development on the IndieGoGo campaign page, and also support the development phase if you wish to see this become the best game it can possibly be:


Social Links for Grunt 1914:

Discord :
Facebook :
Twitter :
IndieDB :
Youtube :

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