PixelPop Select – StarCrossed – is now fundable via Kickstarter! [Updated]


Update: StarCrossed is now fully funded on Kickstarter. Thank you for you help!

This year at PixelPop Festival in St Louis, MO – we had the pleasure of playing a multitude of incredible Indie Games. One of our absolute favorites of the show was a game called StarCrossed – a Cooperative arcade action game with wonderful mechanics and colorful space girls!


StarCrossed has you and a friend on either side of the screen throwing a projectile back and forth and taking out enemies as you go. The projectile will track your movements, so you have a chance to throw it directly at an enemy, or have it rebound back to you in the path of an enemy and utilize both methods to help clear the screen. The more in sync you become with your partner, the faster things get, and you can built up crazy, screen clearing ultimate abilities. It’s an absolute blast to play!


Well thanks to the power of awesome people, the game is now over 90% funded in its lofty goal on KickStarter, and, well, we want to see it hit 100%.

So check out the video below and if it looks like fun to you, consider hopping over to the official Kickstarter page to donate and help them reach their dream!

Games and developer teams like this are the whole reason we do what we do. Please consider supporting this and other indie developers to create unique and wonderful new games to keep our favorite entertainment medium fresh and exciting for years to come.


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Tom Miles

The English half of Level 2 Gamers. Horror, JRPG and VR fan. Overwatch addict. Tom@Level2Gamers.com

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