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The Level 2 Gamers are an Indie and VR gaming media outlet with the sole purpose of helping shine a light on smaller creators who may be overlooked by more major publications, despite consistently helping push our industry forward with unique and interesting games.

We believe small developers should partner with small media and help propel each other forward to keep the gaming landscape exciting and boundary pushing on every level.

Based out of St Louis, MO – we host three podcasts; one for Indie Games, one for VR and one for other content creators to try and help them make the most out of their own content by giving tips and tricks on how to get recognition in the industry.

A few times a year, we travel to various conventions – both pop culture and game developer related. Covering the show floor, panels, and interviewing everyone from celebrities and artists to game devs and cosplayers.

We don’t stop there.

Using a variety of collaborators and of course ourselves, we showcase trailers, gameplay, reviews, live streams and guides for independent and Virtual Reality gaming.

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The Level 2 Gamers