Danganronpa and Zero Escape creators create new studio and have a new murder game in the works!


The writer-directors behind the cult Japanese classic Danganronpa and Zero Escape serieshave left Spike Chunsoft and created their own studio – Too Kyo Games.

What makes this announcement especially sweet (and sour) is that the pair have already announced their first title together – but seem pretty certain that their old employer probably won’t continue with either Danganronpa or Zero Escape without them (or the several employees they took with them to the new studio). So fans of both may shed a tear if Spike Chunsoft decides to can Monokuma and friends for good.

Speaking in Tokyo in an interview last month, Kodaka said “It was like doing the same thing over and over again. I couldn’t motivate myself through that. I wanted to do something new, with new people, a new setup.


On the plus side, this does mean they get to work completely untethered on a new death game together – that they have decided to call Death March Club.

It wouldn’t be too freeing for the team to just continue to make murder games after leaving a company because they were bored of murder games though, so Famitsu reports that this will be their LAST murder game.

We thought about doing something completely different,” said Kodaka. However they knew the fans were going to expect something special in the genre. “We wanted to meet that expectation head-on, and work on something that will be the epitome of the death game.


As you can see from the screenshots posted from the official Twitter account, things are shaping up nicely.  Death March Club allegedly holds a similar set up to previous works, but with a carnival clown twist.

The game follows a group of a dozen misfit school kids, each around 12 years old, who get into a car accident on a class trip, then wake up to find themselves in an abandoned underwater amusement park where a clown forces them to play a Battle Royale-style murder game.

Sounds peachy!


Death March Club will be published by Izanagi Games and is expected to hit PC in 2020, with no word on console release at this time.