The Forest to launch on PS4 November 6th

Today over on the Playstation Blog Anna Terekhova, one of the developers working on The Forest, announced the release date of November 6th along with an overview of the game including how she feels multiplayer is the best way to play.


Speaking about multiplayer Terekhova said “We originally focused on the game as a single-player-only experience, but fans of the game encouraged us to implement a multiplayer mode. Set out as up to four dads on a horror adventure to find your missing kid. Join together with friends to build, swim, or mess around with turtle-shell sledding in the snow. We now feel multiplayer is the best way to experience The Forest, playing with up to three other friends for the ultimate survival horror experience.”


You can read the whole blog post here. Are you excited for the the console release of The Forest? Will you and your friends being playing this open world survival horror game?